Getting to Know You – A Better Way to Care

by | Oct 2, 2021

Pillar Health is a first of its kind mobile medical practice providing doctor-led care to those in need, when and where it is needed. It is a safe, private, experienced, expert, and convenient alternative to a visit to the doctor, urgent care center or emergency department.

We provide in person or virtual, on demand or scheduled care, that can seamlessly transition into an in-clinic, home, office, school, or other on-location ‘house call’ based upon the care needed, from simple to highly complex evaluations and management.

We provide primary care, on-location urgent care of illness and injury and home-based care and recovery services.

We have modernized healthcare delivery to improve accessibility, availability, efficiency, quality, and accountability often found lacking in our current system. Our model is built upon a robust set of capabilities and delivery options that provide purposeful care to those in need, engaging patients and their families in shared decision making.

Maintaining a trusted relationship between a medical doctor (MD) and patient is our top priority. We have established a proven lean and flexible care model that can respond quickly to patient needs while ensuring connectivity with a MD on every visit. Furthermore, the integration of a broad array of remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools, digital technologies (AI and Analytics) and evidence-based clinical pathways provides a high degree of state-of-the art, sophisticated, efficient, and quality care to our patient base, measured by patient-defined outcomes of wellness and satisfaction as well as objective clinical measures.

Pillar Health: A Better Way To Care.