On Location Urgent Care Connecticut

Urgent Care

We can do A LOT!

Many people don’t realize how much we can actually do.

If you have a health problem and it is not immediately life threatening, we can probably help. Our skilled medical team provides on-location urgent treatment for a wide array of non-life-threatening medical conditions in addition to our preventative health, wellness, home/work/school-based care & recovery services. We cater to everyone, from babies to seniors. We have the capability of being available anywhere to meet the medical needs of our community.

We provide breathing treatments, laceration and fracture repair, splinting, intravenous medications for infections, pain, and GI symptoms, as well as IV fluids for dehydration. We can treat pain. We take venous blood specimens wherever you are and analyze them within 15 minutes to answer immediate questions about your health. We can test for Covid, urine problems, strep, flu covid, mono, occult blood in the stool and RSV within minutes while we are with you. We partner with QuestDiagnostics to obtain and order more complex lab tests. We can obtain perform EKG’s on site, and can arrange for rapid x rays and ultrasound imaging.

We are in-network with all major health insurances and offer affordable flat rates.


Urgent On-Location Care Services

X-Ray & Lab Services

We obtain same day or scheduled x-rays, EKGs, blood work and urine studies in your home or at work and can deliver IV and respiratory treatments wherever you are.

Rx Dispensing

Need medicine now? We can deliver on location medication for a broad range of urgent care complaints.

IV Therapy

Feeling down and out? Need a boost? We offer a range of treatments that can replenish, recharge, and get you back to feeling your best.

Pediatric Care

We take care of your kids when you can’t reach your regular pediatrician. Our team is trained, board certified and experienced with children of all ages and can help get your child back to feeling their best in the comfort of their home.

Work-related Injuries

Avoid productivity loss if an employee is hurt on the job. Call and we will come to you, so your business keeps on running.

How it Works

Our professionally trained and licensed medical team will come to you at your home, work, school or play location. Call us or schedule a virtual visit to speak with a trained provider to discuss your condition and treatment preferences. We will either visit you at your home or work location or complete your treatment online.