Our Story

We have built an innovative healthcare delivery model designed around the needs of YOU.

Pillar Health is a caring, expert, effective and convenient alternative to a visit to the doctor or emergency room. We provide preventative care, on location urgent care, home/work/school-based care and recovery services. We help you and your family remain independent, supported and treated where you live, play, learn or work. This reduces your stress (and the stress on your family), while improving your wellness and helping you heal and stay healthy.

Our Story

We have designed a healthcare model that works for YOU.

We get to know you where you live, work, play and learn. We provide personalized and accessible healthcare that aligns with your health and wellness goals. We take the time to listen, hear your story, then customize wellness and treatment plans that help you stay healthy, safe and independent.

To do this, we have built an innovative care delivery model that offers a full range of multidiscipinary services built by dedicated medical teams who are passionate about your health.

We are powered by intelligent technology and have a large network of mobile clinicians to provide the right care when and where you need it!

Our Mission

At Pillar Health, our mission is to redefine how care is delivered so that you can live your happiest, healthiest and most productive life.

“We’re providing an alternative to traditional healthcare, to make high-quality, personal and affordable care accessible to you— because great care should always be within reach, no matter who or where you are….”

— Chief Medical Officer, Jody Gerard, M.D