Membership Plans


Pillar Membership Programs

We offer a variety of membership options to suit your personal health care needs and goals.

Complimentary Membership

Great care should be accessible for everyone! Welcome to Pillar Health and join our growing community!

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Direct to Home Care & Wellness Membership

For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of home-based care.

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Pillar Plus Membership

A solution for individuals and families seeking accessible care that is comprehensive and personalized.

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Direct to Business Care & Wellness Membership

A solution for businesses seeking to provide their valued employees with quality, convenient, cost-efficient and complete care.

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Common Questions:

How do I pay?
Memberships are not reimbursed through insurance. We will set up a monthly or annual recurring charge with the credit card on file. Cancel anytime.
Do I need to have a membership to get Pillar Health services?
No. Member or not, we are committed to providing responsive and quality services to our Clients. Membership programs are designed for those who anticipate utilizing our services on a regular basis and prefer greater accessibility to doctor care in the convenience of their home.
Who qualifies for a membership?
Anyone, no restrictions based on previous health history.
How do I pay for a membership?
Memberships are not reimbursed through insurance. We will setup a monthly recurring charge with the credit card on file. Cancel anytime.
Does a membership make sense for me? Or a family member?
Feel free to contact us to learn more and ask questions to determine if a membership plan makes sense for you or a loved one. Very often, we have family members purchase a membership for their aging parents or relatives. This provide peace of mind that they are getting compassionate and quality care at home.
What are my responsibilities as a member?
We at Pillar Health believe that the caring relationship is a two-way street requiring commitments from both the care giver and care receiver to optimize health goals and outcomes. If for what ever reason the relationship does not result in a productive partnership either party has the ability to terminate the membership.