On Location Healthcare Visits

On-Location Visits

How it works:

Call us or schedule a virtual visit to speak with a trained provider to discuss your care needs. We will either visit you at home or work or complete your treatment online as appropriate.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a time to connect with a doctor via phone or on our telehealth platform to discuss your medical condition so we can determine the most effective and cost efficient way to help you.

We come prepared and ready to assist

Our skilled team comes prepared and ready to treat your illness or injury in the comfort of your home, school or office, or even in the middle of the playground!

We Take Care of the Rest

As part of our standard follow-up, we can call in your medications, handle billing with insurance and update your doctor and specialist teams.

Common Questions:

Who are the Pillar Health providers that come to me?

We will deploy a team of skilled and licensed professionals to address your current situation. Our teams include nurses, medical assistants, advanced practice practitioners (nurse practitioner or physician assistant and physicians). Two providers may arrive at your home depending upon your needs. As a standard practice, we will always have a doctor connected remotely to supervise treatment and answer questions.

How quickly do they arrive?
We will give you an expected time of arrival after our initial consultation, usually 60-90 minutes unless otherwise scheduled. While enroute, we will contact you to let you know estimated time of arrival.
Does insurance cover for the cost of the on-location visit charge?

In general, home visits are covered by insurance only if considered medically necessarily (home bound, mobility restrictions, severe pain or confusion) and not for convenience. If your insurance does not cover home visit care, you will be charged $99 destination fee when you book your appointment.

For visit fees not covered by insurance, what forms of payment do you use?

Payment methods allowable include credit cards, debit cards, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA) payments. Alternatively, membership options are available that cover the cost of multiple on-site visits in a year.