Hospital to Home Transition Connecticut

Hospital to Home Transition

A transition from a hospital or nursing home can be confusing.

You get rehabilitation instructions, prescriptions to fill, follow-up appointments to make. When you get home, you don’t just have to build up your strength, but you’re supposed to remember all these other things—and have the energy to do them. For elderly people, recovery can be even more overwhelming because they’re often alone.

Pillar Health’s Transition Care Program

Can help reduce undesirable outcomes like re-hospitalization, medication errors, falls, and it may even reduce long-term healthcare costs by helping to prevent the worsening of health conditions. Pillar Health offers the services and expertise to help you make a safe and healthy recovery at home and lower the likelihood of a return trip to the hospital.

Benefits to You

We Personalize Your Transitional Care Plan

We take the time to understand your transitional care needs in order to develop a personalized care plan and track progress to recovery.

We Maintain Connectivity with Your Current Providers

Throughout the care plan, we collaborate with your primary care or specialty providers so everyone is kept in the loop.

We Stay Engaged to Keep You Healthy

Early detection of symptoms can limit the severity of decompensation potentially reducing the need for hospital admission or shortening a hospital stay. We offer monitoring devices to track vitals throughout recovery as well.